BEYOND Bram Stoker’s Way of The Vampire by sarah nean bruce ~ Chapter 2 (in HD)


Yes, really ~ this film is based on a collection of published short stories excerpted from Bram Stoker's Dracula: "Jonathan Harker's Journal," "The Destruction of Castle Dracula!" and "The Way of the Vampire by Professor Abraham Van Helsing." In this movie, our VAN HELSING character quotes from his "journal" of these writings in the gym scene with his Vampire Slayers and Father Cefalu, as well as, other times in the film. (WikImage)

This continues an occasionally gory, sometimes funny and often amusing exposé of my long belated “commentary” on the B-Cult horror film I directed a few years ago because alas i was purposely excluded by the producers to participate in the cast & crew recording session of the DVD commentary.  Ironically, this film still airs today during Halloween and racks up VIEWS on Youtube and is available at Blockbuster Online and Netflix. ~sarah nean bruce


Watch Chapter 2 of my commentary (in annotations) on Youtube when you click on the Red speech balloon:

This is an alternate commentary & perspective of a director’s hopes, passions, horrors & realities of ultra low budget filmmaking: BEYOND Bram Stoker’s Way of The Vampire by sarah nean bruce {storyteller | filmmaker}.

Please note that the following is the uncensored satirical commentary on the process and pitfalls of Bram Stoker’s Way of the Vampire film production in 2004 by an unappreciated, unrequited, and ultimately liberated, director. It is meant as a parody, satire, criticism, commentary, news report, teaching, research, elucidation, and special thanks to the hardworking cast & crew for their perils, their art, their craft and their accomplishments in ultra low budget B-Level cult filmmaking in Hollywood.

The views and opinions expressed herein are solely those of the individual and do not necessarily reflect those of the company, or anybody else affiliated with the project.


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4 responses to “BEYOND Bram Stoker’s Way of The Vampire by sarah nean bruce ~ Chapter 2 (in HD)

  1. DIRECTOR’S ANNOTATION: Even though the Asylum producers deliberately delayed and didn’t approve the casting until the night BEFORE the first day of shooting, we were still able to get some amazing actors. I believe and can attest that the actors were amazing and resilient because there were no rehearsals, no costume fittings, no preparations allowed for them as this was the practice and philosophy of these above-the-line producers. ~ sarah nean bruce

  2. DIRECTOR’S ANNOTATION: And the crew was equally amazing and flexible. Many had already endured several other Asylum shoots under increasingly worse filming conditions.
    Often this loyal and hard-working crew was not even paid on time (some not at all) the meager salaries promised by the company and it was exacerbated by the repeated subjection to ill treatment on set, poor working conditions and overall disrespect for their art and craft by some of the above-the-line producers. ~ sarah nean bruce

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